MPPT solar charge controller built-in

2. Touch color screen, intelligent control, easy operation

3. Innovative operation system.All the operation adjustment can be done on the touch screen easily.Can see daily data,monthly data and total data on the screen.

4. WIFI is optional.can control the inverter remotely and check the running data

5. Lithium battery,gel battery,lead-acid battery are all acceptable.One touch can switch battery type!Just tell our sales the battery type when confirm order is OK.

6. Conformal coating is sprayed on the surface of the PCB,provide perfect protection to the inverter. low voltage protection, high voltage protection, over temperature protection, short-circuit protection, overload protection, alarm alert.

7.Big MOSFET,Big capacitor and Big heat sink. The inverter has bigger load carrying ability and higher load capacity, this series of inverter can drive not only common resistance loads,but also various kinds of inductive loads, such as air conditioner, electric drills, motors,water pump,etc.


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